Contragic Fine Arts | Ann Schomburg


shoot and brush

shoot and brush from Ann Schomburg on Vimeo.

video installation, 2 channel, various sizes, 2010

There is no escape of anyone’s loop, the so called routine. The break out is only temporary, everything moves too fast to rest and honestly reflect on the personal living structures. Underestimation of the private life causes trouble, as the unconscious brings up suppressed things here and than.

One channel shows an empty shooting with a toy pistol in the direction of the viewer, the other shows the try of teeth cleaning with toothpaste and campaign. The 2 video images are facing each other. Two loops free from any obvious sense. The same background, the same person but no correspondence between the images.

Feminism as a reaction of sexism. Reaction instead of progression is the best to expect and still every culture or even subculture is establishing their own idols, defining the “how to be”. How to escape unhealthy routines,behavior especially when you got raised in an unhealthy structure, educated to act in a specific role.

In these days, everything is more and more individualized. Everybody is celebrating her own importance. The world around is received as a place of reference for the own ego. The installation puts the viewer's ego in confrontation with a super ego, being totally lost in a loop of nonsense.