Contragic Fine Arts | Ann Schomburg


test installation seven photographs

small test images for the opening 1st october octroi, Tours France

seven photographs

the human memory is one of the most powerful identity shaping instruments. The way we remember things, what the unconscious is constructing into a memory depends on the psychological condition the individual is into.

The fear of loosing precious memories might be one of the reason why the development of digital photography became so popular. Most of the people have a portable camera to capture funny, beautiful or for some reason interesting images. Either to socially share or as a result of a mistrust into the own memory.

When we remember a private situation it is always about the little details that make us smile. Memories are connections to emotion and capturing a creation makes the atmosphere essential, focuses on creating or constructing a memory of a thing or a space. The documentation of a growing art piece is an invitation to the spectator, sharing the moments of creation. Which images tell a story of construction, what is important about this time.

Finding the right images and arranging them into a new story is my personal way to step out of “pure documentation” into a piece itself. Documentation of a situation as an entry into the silent stories happening around the creation. Choosing my images, I focused on abstract captures that invite the spectator to participate into Arthur Zerktouni's time of creation but also leave personal space to find stories based on private memories.



no psycho in my bathroom

private investigation,
set photo after shoot 01,