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finissage done, private inestigation, last walk through

12 lovers, sculpturemachine

12 lovers, sculpturemachine

Northeim, sculptures.| Northeim, sculptures. photobook| Temporary fossils photobook



Popp Art

sculpturemachine, prototyp

some change, please.

outdisance, remember, bandaid, eigenheim

bedtimestory, object 8

idle studies

idle studies

object 8

private investigations after vernissage


Prototyp sculpture mashine *round 2

Slowly the concept turns into first forms:

sculpture machine, prototype running at private, investigations.

Prototype, sculpturemachine raw model 

a camera is a camera is a camera, but sometimes a perfect weight too, thanks to
Flaut M. Rauch

arduino...cables... beauty, hopefully more than this tomorrow...

thanks to olaf val not only for the help but also the POWER

Project suport : Olaf Val, Programming Alexander Marschall

to be continued....


Idle growing into painting

idle painting collage 01 2x3meter mixed media on nessel and wood

Idle, growing over test surfaces for Poppart, colaging own formes re reading images, remembering nightmares.

A nightmare is a nightmare is not a nightmare. Memories of supressed past, private past public past intermigel into forms, reconstructing to understand.... a new beginning every day.

idle painting collage 02 2x3meter mixed media on nessel and wood