Contragic Fine Arts | Ann Schomburg


Canale Grande by Kunstvereine Ruhr

Arriving for a nice meeting @ Dortmunder Kunstverein happend to be more difficult than expected.....

120 just made a hill...than the party started
Don Mobilo gets new heels now....

Meanwhile day 1, 
strowling around the area.

getting ready:

Genesis | Carpet Crawlers 1999

Keys to a church

Stairway to powerstation

picking up Flaut M. Rauch for el mobilo the residence inside the residence: Idling mobile #004 Flaut M. Rauch

getting in touch with the surrounding

Wandering around a collection of images grows
mashes up with memories

surprising supermarket stuff:
the bbq sausages for men

Die Männerbratwurst

Warm up for the presentation @ August 30th 5pm:
Art wants to be beautyful
(what ever beauty means)
( lets see)

Beauty Tag Preparations 1: Entrostung

Now all the collection is done,
and its time to jump into postproductionmania

Growing piece by piece:

entry of the lab
Last preparations: instalation part 66: Flaut M. Rauch: Der Zubringer Area Pons