Contragic Fine Arts | Ann Schomburg


Lecture: Life imitates Art, the artist as a half solidarity lone

photo: BAI

How to be a player, if you do not know the roules in a game that do not exist, oficially? Schomburgs interest is focused on understanding roules of established systhems and playing them in her very own way. With her moving sculpture 'the idling mobile' Schomburg created an ongoing sculpture based on a VW caravan, which turns into an artist in residency program.

The transformative object „Idling Mobile“, is an installation, a sculpture and a mobile artist in residency programm. During events and residency Schomburg is invide tod the“Idlng Mobile“ opens the doors and invites the visitors to engage into conversations and special moments. Situations and performances happen within the space. Visitors are requested to share their personal statements and opinions towards art,life and the vivid interaction between both of the fields. Meanwhile an other artist is invited for a residency as a part of the sculpture.

Ann Schomburg is giving an introduction into her work based on the fascination of the absurd normal routine of the everyday and a passion for multinational meanings and uses.

kitchentalks Städl Schule Frankfurt am Main

Saarbrücken: warm up for strasbourg

Zufallskulptur mit video

idling mobile Object outcome

preparing Flaut M. Rauch for the residency