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Dancing with the skunk

Inspired by my short tearm pet Dracula (and many other youtube skunks)

Dancing with the skunk is based on the choreographie a skunk performs before it sprays.

choreography studies

I lived with a petskunk for a couple of weeks. It turned out my skunk was not very happy with me within the constellation. There are many kin of Skunk personalities but my skunk wanted to be a wild one.

Therefore, I had to find a better situation for him.

I missed him so I watched other pet skunks on Youtube. People claimed their skunks played and acted cute. Actually the skunks were performing their threatening dance, feeling as unconfortable as mine did.

The misreading of body language (consciously or unconsciously) is a result of suppressing reality to comfort the own needs. A behavior very common in the dating jungle as well. Projecting the personal wish into a potential significant other is something I watched and experienced many times.

Ann Schomburg Dancing with the Skunk, Choreographiestudien, 2014 Idling Gallery, Markgrafenstraße 56, Berlin

Dancing With The Skunk, Installationview, other shots curated by Lena Reisner

Making off: The Instalation

Time to experiment on the right smell

wie viele stinkbomben...vereint oder in der Nähe....

Slowly very slow the installation is growing.....
mais l'eau de mixture
is not compleated, yet.



Don't misread body language....

One Channel version/

Personal Trainers for improvement,
by chance I found my personal agression trainer

personal agression trainer

if pet skunks could spray,
they would know that they're not playing

additional video shoots followed

video still shooting 01 

video still shooting 01

Dancing with the skunk, take off composition

for a moment I really thought my export program wanted to take more style control....
playerbattle: first round to quicktime....

First choreography shootings will follow

Choreography-exercise test 01 || Dancing with the skunk from societyTrash on Vimeo.

Thanks for showing !! from a feverdream to contemporary illusions...
my mind likes to travel...


  • photo exercise: self timer

  • video shooting 1 camera Sascha Storz

  • video shooting 2 camera Barbara Hirn , Special Effects Julia Charlotte Richter

installtion experiments over experiments....