Contragic Fine Arts | Ann Schomburg


idle studies extract

drawings 14,8 x21 cm vomit from the unconscious, continuous drawing studies

Idle study (continuous research)

The question about contemporary femininity turns into a balance act between frigidity and sloppiness. In these days the perfect woman is earning money in addition to all the old responsibilities, complaining about potential discrimination is a stigma and does not appear modern. So outside the feminist debate many women stay in denial of any problems. Denial is one more of the trauma causes.

I work on the thesis that we turned into a society of “reversed” Freud. The suppressed instincts are supplemented with the “problem of not being sexual enough”. There are always roles and manifested stereotypes that cause trauma as the fulfilling is impossible for the individual.

Idle running dry, enter the void- Lost in minds and memories of these thoughts seem to be synchronously deleted while they happen. Catching these images and pulling them into consciousness did not work. Reconstructing the thoughts appear to be blocked by the conscious mind protecting the inner balance of the moment. Drawings grow from the subconsciousness, are temporary snapshots of unfiltered and unreflected information. In the first place they deal with nothing more than the given image. What came from which experience connected to which time cannot be answered yet. Just like the question what creates which shape or color from which happening. All remains latent and veiled.

Researches connected to suppressed experience reached solid results in the dream studies of the individual psychology and the psychoanalysis. Which is basement on my research as well as the theory part from the catalog edition “phone drawings” of Dieter Roth, Alfons Hüppi and Franz Eggenschiler.

Going to the place of idle, I let drawings grow, accompanied by associative writing. Lines get filled with colors and start to tell stories, in scatch books or in installations. The subconscious information is unfiltered but encodes the personal trauma. Leaving freedom for someone to get lost in the drawings and find a space to fill the holes with personalized memory. The drawings are samples of one reality of life of many.