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idling Mobile residency 02 Linda Knop

2./3./4.05. 2014 Rundgang @ alte Spinnerei Leipzig, Artist in Resident Linda Knop 

First day @ alte spinnerei, preparing the working space....

....first scatches...

getting ready for wax and teeth.....

Zahnmuster !!! 

Dental Dieb Stahl

Reflections on the Dancefloor, Life as a Dancefloor, Floor has no ground

home sweet home

catering's getting ready

host @ visit

secretly watching visitors

no art without research, artist @ work 

pimpette happy

privates professionals in friendy buisness chat

nice neighbours, we'll miss u all 

show must go on, tour must go on 

Life in transit, looking forward to the next Residency

work linda knop 1

work linda knop 2

work linda knop 3