Contragic Fine Arts | Ann Schomburg


Low Budget Romance

Low budget romance, Bewegtleben, various dimensions, 2013

Installation Check for
Luxus – A Study of Luxury by Berlin Artists

subtitles from left to right:

unautorized roommade-
Flucht ins Passiv.
Guess along the quiz master while the bed was a table

Burned out but happy.
Holy but lonely.
Like a prayer or a corps.

Already than-
consumption collateral
observing the cealing
whats left of shower wet

Aber alles was ich doch wollte war ein Tischfeuerwerk.
Burning ice
feels like surfacesurfing on artificial icecubes

close, up!
Ignoring unwanted kids on the run

Installationtest 02//2.2.3

Contemporary life, well structured to function inside the everyday. Longing to live like the characters in movies, escaping the everyday and live freely appears to be an inaccessible luxury these days.

Low Budget Romance is a series of photographs of appropriated places: details from destroyed low budget hotels and arranged living spaces. Moments where the idea of freedom and random traveling turned into a real action. The digital prints are hidden behind a golden surface. The subtitles of the single hidden photographs leave a poem describing a time on the run.