Contragic Fine Arts | Ann Schomburg


12 lovers photo/sound installation, installing, detours and arrival

With the globalization and the increase in flexibility we rush all the time and finally realize how everything is all over the world when a delivery accidently ends up 1000 km away from where you need it. Time to slow down 10 percent and make sure that all the deliveries go where they belong, the opening is too close for such detours.

After taking the image in a Mc Donald's in Hangzhou China, the delivery of the production ended up in Tours, France was taken to Roubaix, France, where i picked it up and took it to my studio, in Germany where i did a pre-installation.

12 lovers

photography/sound collage, 120x80 cm, c print, Dibond behind Plexiglas, mobile phone

Thanks a lot to Arthur Zerktouni and Nicolas Chasser-Skilbeck who helped me generously to bring everything where its belonging for the moment.